Our Story

Fini Shoes debuted to the market in 2018 with a fervor to introduce luxury aesthetic and premium quality with a twist; we are excited to have you join us on our journey to innovate the shoe industry, one pair - and six looks - at a time.

Our Products

Fini Shoes is a lifestyle shoe engineered and designed for maximum comfort and durability without forgoing the luxury aesthetic. It’s an innovative multidimensional shoe that caters to all types of people and occasions from day to night, weekdays to weekends.

Our Mission

The key differentiator that sets Fini Shoes apart from all markets competitors is the unique, never seen before customization elements. The shoe allows the wearer to add multiple add-ons through a seamless and minimal zipper concept; the wearer has the ability and choice to switch out part of their shoe to become a completely new shoe. It can be worn in a variety of ways and can adapt to any environment depending on the shoe accessories available. Our mission is to disrupt the saturated shoe market and provide a price, value, and style unmatched in today’s retail industry.

Our Vision

We want our future customers to be engaged and grow with us as we develop our brand and a new trend. Our goal is to continue to refine the product in order to best fit each and every customer. We are excited and blessed by this opportunity and we hope to provide a product that is admired and worn with pride. We understand that ideas and dreams can only become successful id we work hard and dedicate ourselves to our audience, product and craft. Our team is focused on bringing Fini customers the best experience from delivering a quality product to the best customer service.Fini shoes is designed in New York and handmade in Portugal.